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Solutions to Limited Space Problems

Change Them or Re-arrange Them: Space Management

Sometimes a place looked cluttered because things are not arranged or placed in an orderly manner. If lack of space is a reality, then you should think of ways to maximize the use of any available space as efficiently as possible. Before rushing out to buy more storage solutions, you should take stock of what you already have and make use of that first. As a last resort, self-storage facilities offer storage space at a fee.

Shelves and Drawers

A good place to start with are the open shelves and drawers around your home. Check to see if things are neatly stored away or are they just "dumped" mindlessly about. Valuable items - the kind that you might take out a policy for - tend to be stored more safely and carefully. However, other items are more likely to be put to one side and forgotten about, and this can cause clutter.

Shoe boxes and other smaller boxes can be used to organize small items within your drawers. When the cover goes on, more space can sometimes be reclaimed by placing more things on top the covers. A neatly packed drawer can free up more space. Using square or rectangular boxes takes up less space than containers that are round or of other irregular shapes.

Things placed on open shelves should enhance the aesthetics of the place or be readily accessible because they are frequently used. If they do not belong to either of these categories, it is better to store them away, out of sight, given away or thrown out. A built-in shelving unit, cleverly designed to go on an empty wall, can offer much needed storage space and even add character to the room.

Search for Hidden Space

If you have a stairwell, don't let it go wasted. It can be fitted with doors, shelves or drawers. Closets can be carved out from walls that are not structural to the building. Windows and space between windows can be surrounded by shelves. Keep shelf height to a minimum so that more shelves can be accommodated.

Rented space

If one can hardly find anymore space around the home to work with, another alternative is to rent one. Most cities and places have storage companies that rent out spaces where one can store away one's possessions for a price. In Hong Kong, SC Storage is one such company and I have used their services. If this is the right solution for you, go for it.

Reorganize your furniture placement

By thoughtfully rearranging some of your furniture around, you may be surprised that a room can look more spacious and be more functional. If you're used to having dark walls or ceilings, repainting them in lighter colors or white is sometimes enough to give an immediate feeling of airiness and space. Even choosing brighter lighting and lighter colored window dressings can brighten up a small space and gives an illusion of space. Strategically installing a wall mirror is the ultimate move you can think about - it gives an illusion of doubling or tripling the space you already have.

Getting rid of unwanted stuff forever

The ultimate solution to space problem is to get rid of those things you forever do not need anymore. Examples are: outdated textbooks, toys, curtains you've brought over from your last home, clothing kids have outgrown, chipped and spoilt cutleries and pottery, old shoes and clothing with sizes and styles you will never be able to use again, electrical appliances that are not working and beyond repair or even gifts you never needed etc.

There are many ways you can deal with these things. Sometimes, it may even be profitable to get rid of these.

Available spaces

What about spaces under your bed, below your coffee table, behind your doors, or even in unused luggage? In many places where space is a scarcity, most families have beds that double up as storage, single beds that slides out to form another single bed and even beds that rests on top of small closets, with writing table and bookshelves all built into a single unit. Try to reclaim space in cupboards by flat packing bulky items like blankets and winter clothings using vacuum bags.

Stacking from floor up or hanging from ceiling down are some alternatives to think about. If a home has narrow corridors and high ceiling, a portion of the ceiling can be lowered and the top of that used as a huge storage for lighter stuff that can be accessed from another room. Try making use of odd cornered spaces by building slim cabinets around them. These can further add on storage space to the room.

Note of Caution:

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Hidden Away Storage Space

Ceiling Storage

False Ceiling provides
Storage Area
Big storage area that runs the full ceiling length of the narrow corridor outside this room. This kind of storage is only suitable for very light stuff that's usually rarely used.
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